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We give our participants hands on activities such as learning how to fillet fish, cut meat and preservation techniques with a Cree twist. Certification Programs: Basic First Aid - Advanced Wilderness First Aid, Paddle Canada Lakewater, New this winter will be: Field Leader (Hiking), Field Leader (Winter),Field Leader (Overnight)

We have two NASP Archery Coaches on Staff.

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Summer Programming

The sled dogs are getting a good little rest and shorter runs for the warmer months but the spring and summer programming is starting.  Book a time out with our knowledgeable staff and guides. 


Contact us for individualizing the land-based programs based around your subject, class, age or high school course. 

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Contact us for daily camps. If you simply want a day camp, we have been doing these and enjoy a very memorable visit. 

Dog Kennel Visit-Come learn how to work with dogs at our kennel. 

Big News


Spots are filling up. If you can't make it to our camps and want to paddle with certified paddle instructors, come visit our dogs and kâniyâsihk Archery Team have 3D targets now!!  (2 certified Coaches on staff)