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Seasonal Camps


4-5 Day Camps

We offer 4-5 Day camps for schools, high schools, universities and special interest groups throughout the year. Land based activities such as fishing, berry picking, gathering basic teas, hiking, and paddling activities. Fall Months will be around preparing for the winter months. Usually Hide tanning and smoking meat and fish activities in this month. Winter months are will the dogs, ice fishing and basic trapping.

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Paddle Canada Workshops and Lake Canoe Certificates: Please request for more  information and group size.

Field Leader (Hiking, Winter & Overnight):

This course offers a systematic approach to planning and managing a hiking activity for one day. Students will be required to read a 60 page manual and complete attached quizzes before attending the course. Course length is 16 hours. Graduates of the FL (Hiking) course are qualified to lead one day trips into class 1 hiking terrain as defined in the Outdoor Council of Canada's Matrix. The scope of practice for a FL (Hiking) graduate can be found Here. This course is available now from licensed instructors.

Archery 101 - inquire about our kâniyâsihk Archery Team. We have two certified coaches on staff from the National Archery in the School's Program (NASP)

6-9 day Paddling Trips

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$150 per day per participant for over night camps

$50 per day per participant for day camps

Come and Learn Cree

We specialize in Language instruction as well! Come and learn Cree, out on the land, out doing traditional activities for a few days and go back refreshed and rejuvenated. 


Q1. Where is this located? 

Within the Treaty 6 Territory, the camp is situated in northeastern Saskatchewan. The base camp is situated on Ministikwan Lake Cree Nation and the learning is down on the traditional territory of our nation. Boreal forest, bush, lakes and waters of the area are beautiful. 

Q2. What type of clothing should I bring to the camp?

This will depend on the season you are planning to come. If it's winter, bring layers and good boots. It's good to bring neck/face warmers if you want to run the dogs. Warmer months, bring layers but take into account rain and having rain gear on hand. 

Q3. Where am I going to be sleeping?

This will depend on the season again. For extreme temperatures, there are options of cabins and lake house. Winter months, there have been participants that have tried quinzees and trappers tents. Warmer months, tipis and trappers tents are great options. We do have RV sites at the camp. Limited space available. 

Q4. What do we bring for the ceremonies? 

This is always a personal choice, usually participants would bring tobacco and cloth. Being out on the land is all ceremony. 

Q5. Is there wifi or internet?

There is no cell service in the area and very limited wifi or internet. This is a very unique and helps participants being fully present in all the learning that happens.