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Hide Tanning Camp 2019

Our camp hosted a Moose, Elk and Deer hide tanning camp this spring. Participants from Ontario to Alberta joined us. The weather was perfect and we were blessed by two hard-working instructors. www.kaniyasihkculturecamps.com

Introduction to our Cree Language Land Based School

The is now  year round Cree Immersion Land Based school. It was launched in September and services 4 communities with a professional staff and the students have been dedicated to learning. âti-nêhiyawêwak mîna nêhiyaw-ohpikihâkanak ôki. kisê-manitow tâhto-kîsikâw ninanâskomânân.

About Us


We are very proud to be Elder's Helpers, helpers at ceremonies and serve in this manner. We serve and work hard for safety for our participants and for our people. It really is a beautiful way of life. nêhiyawêwin can be heard through storytelling, visiting and ceremony.

Language is Important

nêhiyawêwak ôta mistahi nâpêwak êkwa iskwêwak kâ-atoskêcik. miywâsin kâ-pihtamihk tahto-kîsikâw. 

Our staff are all fluent in Cree. We are unique in that you will hear a lot of Cree in our Camps. Its a great way to learn the language, in its natural setting. 

ᐋᐧᐦᑰᐦᑐᐃᐧᐣ wâhkôhtowin-Kinship

We are a family and when you join our camps, you become one of our family members. This is wahkohtowin. First Nations perspectives are explained and shared throughout the camps. Please join us.

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